Heat – Spot Detection

The simplest of detector solutions offered by Fire Chief Equipment is a Heat Detector. A spot detector is simply a device where the detecting element is concentrated at a particular location; typical examples include: bimetallic detectors, fusible alloy detectors and certain pneumatic rate-of-rise detectors.

Heat Detector
Notifier Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detection

Notifier FSP-851 Intelligent Plug-in Photo Detector with FlashScan
Notifier FSP-851(A) Series intelligent plug-in smoke detectors integrate with Fire Alarm panels. Detector sensitivity can be programmed in the control panel software. Sensitivity is continuously monitored and reported to the panel. Because each detector is uniquely identified, exact detector location can be known for selective maintenance.

Notifier FSL-751 High Sensitivity Intelligent Laser Smoke Detector with FlashScan
The Notifier FSL-751 VIEW® Laser Detector is an “early warning smoke detector.” The sensitivity is up to 50 times higher than a photoelectric detector and is especially useful in environments susceptible to slow smoldering fires. Performance is comparable to aspiration technology at a substantially lower cost.

FSP 851Smoke Detector
View Smoke Detector
Notifier Smoke Detectors

Linear Heat Detection

Fike’s Linear Heat Detection (LHD) is a versatile and economical detection product designed for use in harsh environmental conditions where maintenance access is in a physical or hazardous area.

Fike lineal heat detection

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