Clean agent fire extinguishing systems are some of the most advanced and efficient fire extinguishing solutions in the world. Incorporating non-toxic and non-corrosive gaseous agents to extinguish fires, these systems leave no residue, do no damage to sensitive equipment and are completely safe for discharge in human occupied areas.

For many years, the most common clean agent was Halon 1301.  However, Halon has recently been determined to be an ozone depleting substance and is no longer in production. As a result, the clean agents of today are EPA approved and environmentally friendly.

The clean agent market is one that is constantly evolving as chemical companies continually develop new and more effective agents. Today, Fire Chief Equipment offers five of the most advanced agents available. All are Halon 1301 replacements. Their common extinguishing methodology is primarily cooling with limited chemical inhibition. And all our Clean Agent technicians are ICC sertified. Click on the systems noted on the right side of this page to learn more.

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