Unlike pre-action or dry-pipe deluge sprinkler systems, water mist systems use a very controlled, variable pressure spray to contain a fire.

Fike Corporation’s MicroMist(R) system is one of the simplest misting systems on the market today. During discharge, a MicroMist system will use roughly 100 times LESS water than a traditional sprinkler system. This results in much less residual water damage to sensitive materials contained within the protected room. MicroMist systems are offered in either 70 or 107 gallon capacities for up to 9,175 cubic feet of protection.

These small sizes make the footprint of a MicroMist system much smaller than a comparable carbon dioxide system; and they conveniently fit into almost any appropriate location.

MicroMist Systems

Below is a diagram of both a MicroMist nozzle and a sample tank system that is showcased in the Fike MicroMist brochure.


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