As a part of our operation and commitment to provide our customers with a single source for fire protections needs, Fire Chief Equipment provides a wide variety of portable extinguishers to meet your needs.

There are six basic types of fire hazards; only certain extinguishers may be used on each of these fires:

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Extinguishing Agent Ordinary Combustibles
(Class A)
Flammable Liquids
(Class B)
Electrical Equipment
(Class C)
Flammable Metals
(Class D)
Commercial Kitchens
(Class K)
Computer & Data Facilities
Water OK For Use Do Not Use Do Not Use Do Not Use Do Not Use Do Not Use
Dry Chemical Preferred Preferred Preferred Limited Results Limited Results Do Not Use
Carbon Dioxide Do Not Use Limited Results Limited Results Do Not Use Do Not Use Limited Results
Clean Guard Limited Results Limited Results OK For Use Do Not Use Do Not Use Preferred
K-Guard Do Not Use OK For Use OK For Use Do Not Use Preferred Do Not Use
Met-L-X Do Not Use Limited Results Limited Results Preferred Do Not Use Do Not Use
Preferred : Preferred OK For Use : OK For Use Limited Results : Limited Results Do Not Use : Do Not Use

Pressurized Water Extinguishers

Pressurized Water Extinguishers: Used for extinguishing common combustible fires (Class A).

Sentry: Dry Chemical Extinguishers

Sentry: Dry Chemical Extinguishers are designed for the protection of light, ordinary, and extra high hazards. They are suitable for use in household, commercial and industrial fire protection needs. Dry chemical extinguishing agents are available for use for fires involving:

  • Class A: (ordinary combustibles)
  • Class B: (flammable liquids and gases)
  • Class C: (energized electrical equipment)

Sentry: Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

Sentry: Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers are designed to protect areas where: Class B (flammable liquids and gases) or Class C (energized electrical equipment) fires could occur. They may be used indoors where winds and drafts do not affect discharge or where a clean extinguishing agent is required.

All CO2 extinguishers utilize a non-conductive and non-corrosive clean extinguishing agent. The aluminum shell version is sturdy, yet lightweight and has a carbon steel shell with fluted base that resists impact, vibration, and corrosion. All CO2 extinguishers are UL listed and are USGC approved (up to 15 lb.). Five-year limited warranty applies to the shell.

Sentry: CLEANGUARD™ Extinguishers

Sentry: CLEANGUARD™ Extinguishers are designed for the protection of commercial and industrial facilities that are traditionally protected by HALON 1211. Typically, these are areas that contain sensitive or irreplaceable equipment that could be damaged or destroyed by water, foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide. Typical applications include computer centers, data/document storage areas, communications facilities, control rooms, electronics manufacturing, museums, art galleries, laboratories and many others.

The CleanGuard extinguishers have a discharge time of up to 15 seconds and have an effective discharge range up 15 feet. CleanGuard extinguishers are an “in addition to” standard Dry Chemical Extinguishers and cannot be used as a replacement for a standard Dry Chemical Extinguisher.

K-Guard Extinguishers

Sentry: K-GUARD™ Extinguishers contain PRX™ Liquid Fire Suppressant that is a specially formulated aqueous solution of inorganic salts. In addition to its ability to knock down the flame and form a vapor-securing blanket, PRX agent provides a cooling effect that aids in the extinguishing and securing process.

For these reasons, Ansul uses this same liquid agent in both our K-GUARD™ extinguishers and our PIRANHA ™ restaurant fire suppression systems.

The K-GUARD ™ extinguisher is equipped with a special wand/nozzle combination. The extension wand allows the operator to stand back from the fire area and still accurately direct the flow of agent to the fire. The nozzle applies the agent in a fine spray to prevent unwanted splashing of the burning grease.
The K-Guard has a discharge time of 40 – 45 seconds and has an effective discharge range of 10 – 12 feet. The K-Guard stands 19″ tall and attaches to the wall with a standard wall hook.

Met-L-X Extinguishers

Sentry: Met-L-X™ Extinguishers are specifically designed for use on Flammable Metals: Always use the correct chemical for the metal alloy involved.
MET-L-X: Magnesium
MET-L-KYL: Triethylaluminum
LITH-X: Zirconium, Titanium, Sodium-Potassium
NA-X: Sodium, Potassium, Sodium-Potassium Alloy

All other extinguishers are ineffective for use on these metals. ALWAYS call 911 and the Fire Department when these fires occur. DO NOT USE WATER or OTHER CHEMICALS.

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