High pressure carbon dioxide fire suppression systems are designed for smaller, moisture sensitive applications. Unlike their bulk, low-pressure brothers, these systems utilize smaller (up to 100 pounds) pressurized tanks. These tanks can be manifolded together for rapid simultaneous discharge. This feature gives high-pressure systems a reasonable amount of scalability, but usually not enough to warrant use in larger or multi-room setups.

Typical applications for high pressure systems include:

  • Coating equipment
  • Semiconductor wet benches
  • Dust collectors
  • Paint lines
  • Food processing
High Pressure CO2 Systems

Above is an illustration of a high pressure carbon dioxide fire suppression system adapted from the Ansul brochure. This particular system is utilizing eight tanks manifolded together for a higher volume discharge; the nozzles, piping and the pressure switch are noticeable a well. A full system would also include control and detection elements which are not illustrated.


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