Efficient and compact

MX 1230MX 1230 fire extinguishing systems fight fires using the chemical extinguishant Novec™ 1230 by 3M™. This extinguishant is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive. It is thus especially suitable for protecting rooms containing electric and electronic equipment.

MX 1230 systems extinguish fires without leaving residue, while offering a high level of personal and environmental protection at the same time. They are particularly suitable for the protection of small and medium-sized rooms, and the extinguishing agent can be stored compactly, either inside the room or in another area.

Examples of use:

  • computer and server rooms as well as other IT areas
  • data archives
  • telecommunications equipment
  • control rooms
  • instrumentation and control rooms
  • electrical switching stations
  • switch and distribution cabinets
  • storage facilities and archives

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